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A relationship with a taxi-dancer?!

Our relationship started in a couple dance world (read the story How We Met here), which would be already not an easy thing for many. Add to this one of us being a very popular and highly demanded taxi-dancer and you get a supposedly pretty tricky, or some may even say a doomed case.

We share our experience and thoughts on yet another controversial topic. How we make it work, day in day out, festival after festival, dance after dance.


Episode 2 – The Hardships

Every coin has two sides. So does everything in the world. Dark and light, good and bad, positive and negative – you give it your name. We believe, a combination of both sides is a most natural phenomenon and a key driving force for development in general. It cannot and should not be perfect at all times. Conflicts are needed to avoid stagnation.

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Episode 1 – The story begins

“…Once upon a time there were two passionate dancers and a talented camera man… On a beautiful sunny winter day they joined their forces to tell you the following story…”

how we met

How we met…

What are the chances of two people meeting at the perfect place and the perfect time?