Our Journey

Our Journey


Hot Winter in Siberia 2019 highlights

Hello! This blog is not about us, it is about a unique event that opened our 2019 – Hot Winter in Siberia!

We received a lot of questions before and after attending this non-conventional dance festival in Russia, so we decided to answer all your questions here. This blog is also our credit to the organizers, artists, guests and everyone who makes this event happen, for twelve years now.

Walking to the horizon

Dream big, set your goals and make 2019 a game changer!

Drumroll, fireworks, champagne – WELCOME to 2019! Congratulations on this fresh, exciting, and promising occasion! What to expect from a new year? Well, pretty much what you yourself put into it. As they say, “what goes around comes around”.

how we met

How we met…

What are the chances of two people meeting at the perfect place and the perfect time?