Ludwigsburg, March, good vibes, a great team of organizers… this is the AfroMoves Festival! Booked for the second year in a row. Buttt… this will not be the topic! Kevin dedicates this blog to share his experience and mixed feelings of being invited as a teacher, next to his taxi team Casanova at AfroMoves festival 2019.

Our team

As last year, we went to AfroMoves with a whole team: O&K Connection as teachers, Walter Correia as a DJ and the Casanova team as taxi-dancers (the team which I am also part of as you know). The ‘Dutch part’ of the team sets off Friday afternoon for a fun but an exhausting road trip. 10:30 PM, finally arrived! At the hotel reception we met up with the Casanova members from Belgium and Germany. Always a great moment, being together with the boys. Olga decided to stay in the hotel to rest. I jumped into the shower and was off to the Friday party.

Casanova team
Casanova team, DJ Walter Correia and Tony Gomes (one of the organizers)

A thin line between being a teacher and a taxi-dancer

During the Friday party the teachers were introduced to the guests. The Casanova team was positioned on the side with the other taxi teams and I stood with the other teachers in the middle of the room. A strange feeling at first, separated from my taxi team in front of the crowd. But when I looked over to my team, I felt support coming from them. A comforting feeling. Why did I have this strange feeling? You might ask. It has to do with the new dimension in my life of being a teacher and a taxi-dancer at the same time. I have been part of the Casanova team for over three years now and we have been always together at the festivals. When dancing side to side, when announced as a team and in the hotel. That is different nowadays when my paths as a teacher and a taxi-dancer intertwine.

This was not the first time when I was teaching at the same festival where the Casanova team were also booked, but this was the first time when I was so conscious about it. I was very aware of this change, so getting support from my boys gave me a comforting feeling. A feeling of confidence that my new path as a teacher will not change the strong bond between us.

At this festival I made a conscious decision for myself to be both: to focus on the O&K classes during the day and to be part of my taxi team during the night parties. Maybe not in the team’s outfit this time, but still as a true Casanova next to my boys. And that matters a lot to me.

O&K Connection in Stuttgart Germany
We had a lot of fun during our O&K Classes!

All in all an interesting experience. AfroMoves Festival is a great event with a positive friendly vibe and a good focus on the whole kizomba umbrella. We feel very privileged to contribute to this festival, O&K Connection and the Casanova team!

Big hug,


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