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Ginga Art Intensive Course Level I by Vanessa Ginga Pura

Dancing kizomba with awareness – a key focus for me as a kizomba dancer and instructor. This year 2019 is all about increasing this awareness from different perspectives (background, history, culture, evolution, styles, partner work, solo, shows, etc). In all this, foundation comes first. As it is in everything: if a foundation is weak or missing, a construction is meant to collapse, sooner or later. Hence, building solid basics. Where shall we start?


ELLA Europe 2019 highlights


This blog is about the first training event of the year that happened in Lisbon, Portugal – #ELLA AfricanRhythmsAffair 2019 or #AnEventForPhenomenalWomenLikeYou, as it was presented. As you can guess from the name, the event was for ladies, so this time Olga is the main and sole reporter of the news.

Was the event worth of attending and why?


Hot Winter in Siberia 2019 highlights

Hello! This blog is not about us, it is about a unique event that opened our 2019 – Hot Winter in Siberia!

We received a lot of questions before and after attending this non-conventional dance festival in Russia, so we decided to answer all your questions here. This blog is also our credit to the organizers, artists, guests and everyone who makes this event happen, for twelve years now.