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O&K Connection at AfroMoves Festival 8

A thin line between a teacher and a taxi-dancer at a festival

Ludwigsburg, March, good vibes, a great team of organizers… this is the AfroMoves Festival! Booked for the second year in a row. Buttt… this will not be the topic! Kevin dedicates this blog to share his experience and mixed feelings of being invited as a teacher, next to his taxi team Casanova at AfroMoves festival 2019.


Ginga Art Intensive Course Level I by Vanessa Ginga Pura

Dancing kizomba with awareness – a key focus for me as a kizomba dancer and instructor. This year 2019 is all about increasing this awareness from different perspectives (background, history, culture, evolution, styles, partner work, solo, shows, etc). In all this, foundation comes first. As it is in everything: if a foundation is weak or missing, a construction is meant to collapse, sooner or later. Hence, building solid basics. Where shall we start?


A relationship with a taxi-dancer?!

Our relationship started in a couple dance world (read the story How We Met here), which would be already not an easy thing for many. Add to this one of us being a very popular and highly demanded taxi-dancer and you get a supposedly pretty tricky, or some may even say a doomed case.

We share our experience and thoughts on yet another controversial topic. How we make it work, day in day out, festival after festival, dance after dance.

kwenda lima

Breaking news in kizomba world

The news we cannot but dedicate our newest blog to one of the most influential people in kizomba – master Kwenda Lima leaving our beloved kizomba scene!… Shock, silence, questions? 


Episode 2 – The Hardships

Every coin has two sides. So does everything in the world. Dark and light, good and bad, positive and negative – you give it your name. We believe, a combination of both sides is a most natural phenomenon and a key driving force for development in general. It cannot and should not be perfect at all times. Conflicts are needed to avoid stagnation.

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Episode 1 – The story begins

“…Once upon a time there were two passionate dancers and a talented camera man… On a beautiful sunny winter day they joined their forces to tell you the following story…”

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-03 om 22.08.15

“No, kizomba is not for me, it’s too close…”

This is quite a controversial topic, which we would like to look deeper into in this blog.

Controversial, because kizomba is a close dance. However, what is this closeness exactly? Where does it come from? Does it have to be like this?


ELLA Europe 2019 highlights


This blog is about the first training event of the year that happened in Lisbon, Portugal – #ELLA AfricanRhythmsAffair 2019 or #AnEventForPhenomenalWomenLikeYou, as it was presented. As you can guess from the name, the event was for ladies, so this time Olga is the main and sole reporter of the news.

Was the event worth of attending and why?


Hot Winter in Siberia 2019 highlights

Hello! This blog is not about us, it is about a unique event that opened our 2019 – Hot Winter in Siberia!

We received a lot of questions before and after attending this non-conventional dance festival in Russia, so we decided to answer all your questions here. This blog is also our credit to the organizers, artists, guests and everyone who makes this event happen, for twelve years now.

Walking to the horizon

Dream big, set your goals and make 2019 a game changer!

Drumroll, fireworks, champagne – WELCOME to 2019! Congratulations on this fresh, exciting, and promising occasion! What to expect from a new year? Well, pretty much what you yourself put into it. As they say, “what goes around comes around”.