Drumroll, fireworks, champagne – WELCOME to 2019! Congratulations on this fresh, exciting, and promising occasion! What to expect from a new year? Well, pretty much what you yourself put into it. As they say, “what goes around comes around”.

With that in mind, we sat down and diligently reviewed our goals for 2019 as individuals and as a couple. We also decided to challenge ourselves by making these goals “official”. Every reader will have a right now to claim a report on our success later down the road. No pressure, guys, enjoying the ride!

Olga’s Objectives

2018 was a year of radical changes for me. Quitting a corporate world, moving in with my partner, changing countries again, learning a new language, and most importantly – clearing a hefty baggage of fake values and imposed “success” stereotypes, and defining my true dreams and passions!

Having done this mind and soul cleansing work (it’s a never ending process, though), feeling so much fresher now, with a clearer vision of where I would like to go. Okay, guys, 2019 will be for me a year of growing what is already out there and also of creating something totally new. My crystallized top three:

  • strengthening relationships with my partner Kevin
  • growing as a diverse dancer and artist
  • kicking off an educational charity project for kids in Africa

I would call these goals strategic. Some of them have a more detailed step-by-step plan than the others, but the most important thing is to stay focused and keep going, right?

Kevin’s Objectives

For me the last two years have been about change. Changing from the corporate world to a world of true passion and life goals. I gave up almost everything (if not all) and it has been very tough, but also very beautiful. And you know what they say, nothing truly beautiful comes easy! This year will be about broadening and sharpening my dance skills, so I will be able to grow as a dancer and as an artist.

And of course I will continue building a tea empire with By Trinitea together with my business partner! Diving deeper into the knowledge and exploring new business models. Passions, dreams, goals, it is going to be a true rollercoaster but I am ready for it! My concrete objectives for this year:

  • Continue working on the O&K base in the Netherlands, strengthening our foundation and relationship;
  • Build strong daily routines to get the best out of the day and out of myself;
  • Start with afro dance classes. I want this already for so long! I will make it a big prio for this year;
  • Develop choreo’s and shows to widen the scope of O&K Connection and to grow as artists;
  • By Trinitea! My (other) pride and joy and main occupation throughout the week. This year we will keep growing, exploring the world of tea and setting a new bar in quality and experience.

O&K’s Objectives

As a couple we will continue working on our top two priorities: our relationship and our dance life! How far can we go with these? We don’t know of any limits, do you?

Following our never-stop-growing principle, we make sure that we invest in our own development and growth as much as we develop and grow others. Check out what we have already scheduled for this year! Not bad for the opening, right?

Ok, dear readers, we put our signatures here, the 2019 goals setting deal is sealed.

Wish us luck and we wish you best of luck with achieving your goals too!

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