This blog is about the first training event of the year that happened in Lisbon, Portugal – #ELLA AfricanRhythmsAffair 2019 or #AnEventForPhenomenalWomenLikeYou, as it was presented. As you can guess from the name, the event was for ladies, so this time Olga is the main and sole reporter of the news.

Was the event worth of attending and why?

This is the main question I would like to answer here.

Any my answer is – yes, absolutely worth it!


  • A good concept
  • Strong artists
  • Improving and diversifying dance skills
  • Networking
  • Sweet bonuses: stands with #carlapomajewelry, #himbashoes, #gingapura clothes

As a kizomba dancer myself, yes, I like the idea of the events focusing on women and their relationship with and within various African dances and styles (kizomba, semba, samba, afro house, kuduro, afro beats, more authentic styles). There is a lot to explore here, a lot to learn and be surprised with! Especially under the guidance of such inspirational women like Vanessa Ginga Pura and Eliza Sala (both artists I personally look up to).

With my kizomba inspiration queen Vanessa Ginga Pura
With my kizomba inspiration queen Eliza Sala

This time I had pleasure to meet and train with more of the outstanding dancers like Cori Dlionne, Stella Capapelo, Ana Rita, to name a few. All very strong, highly skilled and diverse artists everyone can find something to learn from. A comfortable, you may call it “safe” environment of the like-minded ladies from all over the world, easy to get along with, connect to and have a great time together! A full weekend agenda with afternoon classes, dinners or drinks in the evening (got my muamba dish! Super Angolan :) and parties in the well known Lisbon clubs at night. In between we also had a chance to spoil ourselves with nice lady pleasures like authentic and stylish jewellery, shoes, clothes (who wouldn’t like that?!) With no shopping plans on my to-do list, I myself couldn’t leave without a few remarkable purchases!

In style: a top from @ellarythms, a skirt from @ginga_pura, shoes from @wish.dance

On a more serious note, I believe every dancer (no matter the style) striving to be better should explore the roots and origins of the preferred dance(s). In my eyes, this is the connection needed for strength and growth. The more connection, rootedness you have, the more energy, power and knowledge in your arsenal to expand and develop further. It’s like a family tree: you are either a standalone disconnected “warrior” out there or a well-grounded, empowered and aware player. Everybody’s free and respected choice, of course.

With this thought in mind and following our #neverstopgrowing principle, I am going to attend another event very shortly.

P.S. If your interpretation of the events like #ELLA is negative and more in line with e.g. promotion of feminism or gender racism, your point of view is fully understood and respected, however not shared or supported here.

Thanks for your interest!



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