“…Once upon a time there were two passionate dancers and a talented camera man… On a beautiful sunny winter day they joined their forces to tell you the following story…”

This is the story that we know and feel best – the story of our relationship through dance!

It has been a couple of very intensive years, packed with all kinds of events, challenges, ups and downs – full of growth in other words. Having met on a kizomba dance floor (read Our Story), we realized that we shared one big passion for this dance. Was it a surprise for us to get an invitation shortly to come and give some classes in Leeuwarden (north of the Netherlands) back in 2017? Yes, it was. We got very excited about and thankful for this opportunity, thoroughly prepared a whole bootcamp and delivered it to the delight of the participants. The result? It was a big success! We got more classes requests. This was the beginning of our dance teaching path.

Having started small, we grew bigger, expanded our geography, went international (Germany, Sweden, Russia), introduced regular classes in Amsterdam and Almere, keeping working on ever new projects and ideas. We met a lot of inspiring people along the way and we got to inspire others. Is it a fun path? Yes, for sure, since we are doing what we have passion for. It is not easy though, by no means, as growth requires sacrifice (mostly of one’s ego), characters’ transformation, courage. As it is in our dance life, so it is in our relationship.

Putting love and effort into what you do makes your work art. Skills, creativity, expression, identity – this is what makes a dancer an artist and this is what we go for. Everything happens at the right time. We feel the time is now to go to the next level, to step up and pursue the artists’ path. What does this mean in practice? More hours of trainings, shows, collaborations …

How to bring our story closer to you? We decided to shoot a movie showing three phases – love, hardships, happiness. The phases we continuously go through in our lives, on our paths, in our relationship. So three episodes be it!

We reached out to a very talented camera man – Joey Uffelie #joeyartwork – to help us materialize our movie project. A big shout-out to Joey, a true artist himself! Knowing Joey from the kizomba community and being familiar with his work and other video projects, we were confident in this collaboration between us. The final results of our work are still to be released but the sneak peeks we have seen so far sent chills down our spines… Transmitted emotions, created atmosphere, captured details, a story line – this is what you want from your movie.

Ready to check it out yourself? The episode 1 – The Love Story Begins – is ready for your attention! Not a show, but an improvised dance expressing bright, sweet and romantic feelings that love stories would begin with, including ours. Curiosity, charm, a growing interest – this is what we feel in the music (Cef Tanzy – É Só Cuiar feat. Ary) and in our own memories.

Let us know what you think, and most importantly feel, about the video in the comment section on youtube.


Big hug,

Olga & Kevin – O&K Connection

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