Every coin has two sides. So does everything in the world. Dark and light, good and bad, positive and negative – you give it your name. We believe, a combination of both sides is a most natural phenomenon and a key driving force for development in general. It cannot and should not be perfect at all times. Conflicts are needed to avoid stagnation.

A relationship is a good example. Yes, we do fight. Yes, we do have arguments and rough times, and we do not hide it. Why not? Because we are not afraid of the conflicts between us. What is important for us – to manage these conflicts wisely, with love, respect and understanding so we could become stronger as a couple and move on. Everybody knows that “whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger” and applies it to him/herself individually all the time. How about this working for 2+?

We get lots of questions about our relationship. You would like to know how we make it work, in a dance scene, in a distance, if it is always as lovey-dovey as it seems to be in social media. We will dedicate separate blogs to these questions because a lot of you can relate to them. In this blog we would like to give you our video answer – no, it is not like this all along (can you imagine?) and this is just ok.

A very emotional song Dói Demais by Djodje, full of pain, anger, frustration, fear, inspired us for the Episode 2 of our movie story. The episode we called “The Hardships” to highlight all the tense moments we as a couple inevitable go through. Brilliantly captured by our camera man Joey Uffelie #joeyartwork, ready for your attention!

Let us know what you think in the youtube comments section. The topic, the video, your own experience – we value your feedback a lot!

P.S. Haven’t yet seen Episode 1 of the movie story? Here it is


Olga & Kevin

Episode 2 – The Hardships
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