Dancing kizomba with awareness – a key focus for me as a kizomba dancer and instructor. This year 2019 is all about increasing this awareness from different perspectives (background, history, culture, evolution, styles, partner work, solo, shows, etc). In all this, foundation comes first. As it is in everything: if a foundation is weak or missing, a construction is meant to collapse, sooner or later. Hence, building solid basics. Where shall we start?

To know a dance, one needs to understand the culture, the origins (I hope this goes without saying, right?). My pursuit of “back to kizomba basics” brought me to another educational event this year – an intensive Ginga Art Course by Vanessa Ginga Pura. No surprise the event took place in Lisbon, as Portugal is the country where spreading of kizomba as a social dance across Europe and worldwide started from.

Spoiled by Portuguese April sunshine @ Jazzy Dance Studios

Hosted by an amazing woman, dancer and artist Vanessa (also known by many as a dance partner of Mestre Petchu) and her talented team Ana Rita and Selma Mylene, the course aimed at female kizomba instructors. Mindfulness about the world of kizomba, bridges between past and present, body expression, teaching methods and techniques were just some of the areas that 12 passionate and dedicated ladies from different countries came to work on during the weekend.

Three intensive days full of both theory and practice in African dances: urban popular (kizomba, semba, tarraxinha, kuduro), traditional and even some tribal. An overall of 20 hours of history, musicality, teaching methodology, choreography and ginga on stage resulted in the official Ginga Pura Art certification (I am not going for papers but, when asked, I am proud to show the sources I learn from).

A happy, proud and inspired Certificate holder

Two weeks have passed after the training and I am still gathering my thoughts and impressions of everything that happened there. So many layers of depth that are still to be processed: priceless information, shared experiences, built connections, and eagerness to bring all this further to our own students, kizomba dance lovers and people who simply share the same values and interests.

I went to this training to grow my kizomba awareness and I absolutely did so. Moreover, I am aiming to attend the Level II later this year with the same prime goal: to take in as much of true passion and knowledge as Vanessa and her team are ready to pass on to the next kizomba dancers generations. Studying the background, building the right bridges, treating all generations with respect – this is worth my time and effort. This is the right way to go. This is my responsibility.

Thank you for reading this piece, I appreciate your time and effort.

As always, do share your thoughts on the topics mentioned above. After all, we build this community here and now together!

Much love,


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