Do you believe in destiny? We were meant to meet each other…


It was an amazing “coincidence” that it happened on my 30th birthday (someone got a true gift from the Universe) in my home country (where we both arrived from abroad). What were the chances?

There is “love at first sight” and we experienced “love at first dance”. Yes, dancing put us together. We met at the biggest kizomba festival in Moscow – Kizzafro. What brought me there? Why would I go that far for my birthday celebration? A choice of festivals in Europe and the UK (where I lived back then) is rich. Easier to travel. Plus I was quite spontaneous when it comes to attending festivals. However, in case of Kizzafro I knew half a year in advance that I WOULD GO. No particular logical reason, just a strong feeling inside that I would be there.


Does it happen to you too? That you just know something will happen or you will be somewhere no matter what?


I did not want to take anyone along with me on this trip. I wanted to go just by myself. Yes, quite a dedication to spend your 30th birthday just by yourself at a dance festival away from your home. Well, I understood later why it all played out exactly this way.

June 10, the first grand party night! I felt sooo special that night! Inside – out. I still remember, goosebumps. I had my perfect evening outfit on,I was excited and full of expectations of some magic…
It was my first kizomba festival in Russia and I was curious pretty much about everything: a venue, music, guests, comparing it to the festivals abroad. I took my standard walk around the dancefloor to feel the vibes and see the faces, blending in. One face drew more of my attention, for several reasons. The young man was tall and stood out, a foreign guest by the look of it, and with this charming smile on his face.


Hm, this is interesting. What are you smiling about?


I watched this guy for some time, the way he moved, interacted with his dance partner, smiled, and I liked what I saw. The man clearly enjoyed what he was doing, and he was doing it very well, and it was a pleasure to watch! Smooth, both complex and simple, charming, and the lady clearly enjoyed the experience too. “Well, I want to try out a dance with him too. I would like to see what this man is about”, I concluded. So I was around for some time waiting to be invited. A touch of disappointment: a thick line of ladies as a guard around the gent. No chance to squeeze through. “Ok, no problem, forget it, no big deal. Enjoy the night, babe”, I said to myself upliftingly. And so I did.

I must admit I was very surprised and pleased at the same time when that very guy appeared in front of my nose some time later during the party and invited me for a dance. I could see a light on his arm. “Oh, a taxi dancer! Ok, even more interesting. Let’s see what he has to offer”, thoughts were going through my head. Yes, I enjoyed it A LOT! Can’t remember how many dances we had straight (I tried to remember he was on a taxi duty), but it felt like a true dialog between two people, a non-verbal dialog (we didn’t talk, we just smiled and looked at each other). I felt curiosity from both sides, but there was something else, more than that between us. He left me thinking about him that night.

On the following night we danced again. It was more intense in emotions this time. And we finally talked. We got to know each other’s names and where we came from. It was already in the morning, his taxi hours were over long time ago yet none of us seemed to want to stop the night. And then something happened: Kevin kissed me on the lips!.. Alert! Emotions and feelings went out of control. It was a climax of the weekend and a note that we parted on at that festival. Something that held us together during a very turbulent period between us that followed. A period of making choices in our lives… But that’s a whole new story!..




The first time I saw you my heart skipped a beat… Who is this beautiful, glowing and gracious woman… What a unique appearance…!


She really got my attention… I was thinking I need to dance with her. Much to my delight we eventually did later that evening. The first touch was sensational! After less than 10 seconds I already knew this was going to be a special dance.. and it was! I was still on ‘duty’ (taxi dancing) so we only had limited time unfortunately.

Later that night (morning really) I saw her again. We had our first laughs with a conversation we did via the memo function on my phone. Talking was hard because of the loud music, so why not write down a conversation?! A very funny situation. Not only beautiful and a good dancer but funny too, my interest for her was growing with the minute…

I ended up that morning feeling surprised and confused with the level of connection I was feeling towards her. I almost never failed to separate dance from deeper feelings… up to this point… I was really looking forward to seeing her again the next day!

The second day was a special one… The first two hours of the evening party I did not see her though. Suddenly, when I was getting a drink, there she were right in front of me.


I was off guard, surprised. My smile at that moment must have given away how happy I was to see you again.


We chatted a little and we started dancing. I was feeling the same strong connection as the day before. I was feeling like we were there alone, in our own world. Unfortunately after 3 dances or so we had to stop again, I was on duty… But I told her I would look for her after my block hours. So I did!
I found her, obviously, she stood out with a beautiful silver dress. We started dancing… I totally lost track of time, we danced all morning… and we kissed. What a feeling… I remember it as if it was yesterday.

A cool off and some re-energizing was needed after this experience. So we had breakfast together. What happened then, made my feelings for her stronger and stronger. We had our first meaningful and deep conversation. We were talking about life and about our dreams, what moves us in life… We connected on the same level and found out we think alike about the essentials in life.


After that conversation I knew that I had found my soulmate.


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