Our relationship started in a couple dance world (read the story How We Met here), which would be already not an easy thing for many. Add to this one of us being a very popular and highly demanded taxi-dancer and you get a supposedly pretty tricky, or some may even say a doomed case.

We share our experience and thoughts on yet another controversial topic. How we make it work, day in day out, festival after festival, dance after dance.

His view

‘Taxi-dancers are not to be trusted, they are all liars and cheaters’. An opinion I heard shared more than once in a kizomba world. Does that mean that dating or even having a relationship with a taxi-dancer is by default impossible?

I have been a taxi-dancer for the Casanova taxi-dancers team for more than 3 years now. I went to countless events in these years, big and small, national and international. With a big focus on charisma, respectful behavior and fun in dancing, the team grew out to be one of the most popular teams in Europe and Russia. The result of this is that we receive a lot of attention at the festivals we attend. Relativation, being humble and down to earth is key, I believe. A strong point of the team also is that we help keep each other grounded.

During my first international booking as a taxi-dancer (Kizzafro, Russia 2017) I met my life partner Olga. I can truly say that since day one our strongest feature has been our communication and trust. This is essential in any relationship I believe and definitely when you are socially active and a frequently booked taxi-dancer. My team members, all good friends, became friends of Olga too throughout recent years. They respect Olga, me and our relationship. So they are always there for me during festivals to have my back at the moments I need them.

I admire and appreciate Olga for her confidence and for her trust in me. She has never limited my dance passion, she understands me. I found in her my life partner and we are building our life together. We have individual goals in life and of course couple goals. Every day we take another step in building our empire. We grow together and we support each other’s growth. This is for me very valuable and something I don’t want to lose. This focus keeps me on both feet, at all times.

Her view

“Don’t you get jealous?”

“Are you ok with him always dancing with so many ladies? Kizomba is such a close dance…”

“How can you bear it when you are also at the festival? Or do you prefer not to dance in the same room?”

Questions I get when it comes to Kevin’s role as a taxi-dancer. And my answer would be the same: it’s not a taxi-dancer role that matters to me, it’s how my man treats me at all times that is of a higher priority. Thanks to Kevin, I have never had a reason to be jealous or suspicious, feel abandoned or anything else you think I might feel as his partner when he is taxi-dancing.

For me, the magic of “our survival” in the taxi-dance-world is in the following:

  • Being realistic. Kevin was a taxi-dancer when we met and I know how much dancing means to him. It would be very harsh and unfair from my side to expect him to bury or limit one of his biggest passions because of me (or because of some fears and insecurities, to be more precise).
  • Self-worth and confidence. I have a colourful and vibrant life myself to be thinking and worrying about my partner’s taxi-dancing all the time. I just make sure I am having a great time too when he is having his :) I prefer both of us bringing in passions and hobbies into our relationship instead of cutting them out.
  • Clear priorities. My man always, under any circumstances lets me not forget that I and our relationship are but his top priority. This removes any foolish thoughts that my tricky female side mind could potentially develop (we ladies sometimes are very creative in making up stories and what not in our heads, less ground – fewer stories).
  • Focusing on the good sides. Taxi-dancing is not only fun (it’s hard work too if taken seriously), but also a valuable experience that I take into account: improving dance skills, expanding the network, visiting new places, etc. Kevin shares this experience with me to make it beneficial for both.
  • Good and proven communication. My man always takes me along on his taxi-festivals or parties, even if I can’t come along physically. He makes me an important part of his taxi-life, not only by sharing emotions and information but also via simply staying in touch as much as possible.
  • Honesty. This is a virtue of my partner that gives me assurance that I will know about everything that happens in his life, “good or bad”. I know about his dances, including very close ones, as well as I know about the borders that he draws between dancing and life. I appreciate him sharing it all with me because it reinforces trust between us.
  • Trust. Yes, we fully trust each other. We trust each of us is mature enough to make thoughtful decisions. We trust each of us values and cares enough not to hurt the other person. We trust we are together as long as we both decide to be.

How about you? Have you ever been in a relationship with a dancer? And with a taxi-dancer? Or do you prefer to stay away from such a prospect? Share your opinion and experience, we would love to know!

Big hug,

O&K Connection

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